Introduction: Crochet Amigurumi Three Peas in a Pod

This Amigurumi Peas in a Pod pattern is from Lion Brand I did not make the hat, veil or flowers. What I added to the pattern was a bow and a baby pea, to the pod I added a stem. I do sell my own patterns on my etsy shop

Step 1: Getting Started

What you need is:
the pattern
I Love This Yarn in the colors of Olive and Lime
Red, Black and Pink Yarn (you only need a small amount of these colors)
Crochet Hook - Size G-6
Stitch markers
7.5mm Safety Eyes (you can get these online at: )
Fiberfill Stuffing aka: Polyfill
size 8 Double Pointed Knitting Needles

The Crochet stitches you will need to know are listed at the bottom of the pattern. As for the Bow and Stem of the Pea Pod you will need to know how to Knit in the Stockinette stitches and you will need to know how to make an I-cord. I have found Lion Brand very helpful in learning new stitches just go to and type in the stitch you are having trouble with and you will find the answer there. They even have Videos!

Step 2: Knit the Bow First

Using Red yarn Cast on 7 stitches
Rows 1-7: Work Stockinette Stitch beginning with knit one (right side row) and purl one (wrong side) row ending on the purl row. Cut the Red yarn leaving a tail around 4 inches to later use to sew the fold. Row 8-17 at the beginning of row 8 change to the Pink yarn and continue the Stockinette stitch  ending on a purl row cut the pink yarn.
Change to the Red yarn and work the same pattern as rows 1-7 remember to bind off on the purl side leave a tail around 4 inches to sew the fold. Fold the bow on the ends to give the bow a cleaner edge.
Use the pictures as a guide on how to fold the ends of the bow and sew. Cut a piece of red yarn 12 inches long you will use this to wind around the center of the bow make sure you leave both ends long enough to tie the bow and secure it to the top of the pea's head. Use the pictures as a guide.

Step 3: Make the Peas

Make the 2 Peas according to directions after you attach the eyes of  one of the pea attach the bow to the top of her head were you would like it.

Step 4: Baby Pea

Using the Lime yarn
Work same pattern as Rnd(s) 1-2 of the Big Peas
Rnd 3: *2 sc in next st, sc in next 3 sts; rep from * around—15 sts.
Rnd 4-6 sc across
After this Rnd cut 2 pieces of black yarn around 9 inches tie a knot in the center then tie 2 more knots on top of each other to make the knot double in size. Repeat with other string then attach the eyes according to the picture.  Stitch the mouth on using the pink yarn.
Rnd: 7 *Sc2tog, sc in next 3 sts; rep from * around—12 sts.
Rnd:8 (Sc2tog) 6 times—6 sts.
Fasten off.

Step 5: Pod

Make the pod according to the pattern. For the Stem use the Double pointed Needles cast on 4 stitches then make the I cord the desired length bind off then attach. You can find the instructions on how to make an I-cord here: just enter I-cord in the search.

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