Crochet Baby Yoda

Introduction: Crochet Baby Yoda

here is a pattern for a super cute baby yoda!


medium weight yarn in lime green, brown, and tan.

Step 1: Step 1. the Head and Body

start with lime green

1. 6sc in magic ring.

2. 2sc in each st . (12)

3. 1sc, 2sc in next st. (18)

4-6. 1sc in each st around.

7. 1sc, sc2tog, repeat around (12), change to brown, attach eyes between rounds 3-4.

8.1sc in each st around.

9. 3sc, 2sc in next st repeat around. (15)

10-12. 1sc in each st around.

13. 3sc, sc2tog in next st repeat around.

14.sc2tog repeat around. fasten off, stuff, and close hole.

Step 2: Step 2. the Robe, Arms, and Ears

the robe.

1. ch22, 1sc in next st, 1sc in next 21st

2. 1sc in back loop of next 22st

3-6. sc in each st around. fasten off

arms make 2, with tan.

1. 4sc in magic ring

2-4, 1sc in each st

5. 1sc,sc2 in next st. fasten off

hands make 2,with green.

1. 4sc in magic ring

2. 1sc in each st. fasten off and glue into the arm.

right ear.

6sc in magic ring, slipstitch, 1sc, 1hdc and 1dc in same st,ch2 slipstitch in same hdc and dc st fasten off.

left ear

6sc in magic ring, slipstitch, ch2, dc, hdc in same st as slipstitch, 1sc, slipstitch fasten off.

Step 3: Step 3

sew the mouth on with black yarn, sew the arms onto the side of the body, and sew the ears onto the side of the head

I hope you have fun making this!

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    Awwwww! Cute! I'm not a crocheter, but I've passed this on to a friend who crochets rather than spending time on this site. Thank you for sharing :-) (and Awwwwww! Cute!)


    2 years ago

    Very cute!