Introduction: Crochet Beach Top

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Hi,This is my Granny square easy beach top!
This is an easy crochet pattern as it is only made of large Granny squares. Note: this is a pattern for the top NOT the Granny square.


Yarn ( any kind ) I used medium 4 red heart 100% acrylic
Yarn needle
Measuring tape
3.75mm crochet hook

Step 1: The Granny Squares

The first you will do in this project is mesure your chest, this will decide how many rows you have on the granny squares.I made 4 seven row Granny squares in blue and white, but you can choose whatever you like.

Step 2: Putting It Together!

You will sew the corners of the Granny squares together as if you were making an Afghan. Then you will start making the two straps on the back, chain the amount of length that feels comfortable as the back of your suit and dc across. Then you will attach the straps to the back tightly.( also, you need to fold and sew one corner of a single square for design. Pic 3)

Step 3: The Last Piece

You will now need to make a chain to be the string you tie around your neck so it won't fall off then simply sew the 2 chains to the top of the shirt ( the part you folded) hope you enjoyed! If you make this project feel free to share a picture at the end!

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