Introduction: Crochet Circle Bracelet

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This ankle bracelet reminds me of the crocodile stitch but it is more of a circle. I used 100% cotton yarn because it would be on my ankle and it was the softest yarn I have.

*100% cotton yarn
*size I 5.50mm crochet hook
*large button
*needle and thread

Step 1: The First Circle

This is the technique I use to start my circles, it is similar to the magic circle technique. Crate a slip knot and place it on your hook leaving a 2-3 inch tail. Then take the tail and from a loop. Insert your hook in the loop you just made a draw up a loop. Yarn over and pull through two loops. Continue 11 more single crochets in that loop, and slip stitch to join. Then put the tail so the center of the circle is closed. This is the first circle of the ankle bracelet. This I the way I start my circular projects because it uses the tail and creates a closed hole.

Step 2: The Circle Continues

After you made your first circle chain 2. Insert your crochet hook into the second stitch from the hook. Complete 6 single crochets in that stitch, then turn your work so that the first circle is now on the right. Now do 6 more single crochets in the same stitch do not join.Thats it!
Continue this until you have as many circles to fit around your ankle/wrist.
So the pattern again is:
Chain 2
6 single crochets in the second stitch from the hook
Turn and do 6 more single crochets do not join

Step 3: Now You're Done!!

After I made 13 circles I chained 10 and slipped stitched back int he first chain stitch. Finish off and cut and glue the ends. Sew a button on the other end and you're done!!
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