Crochet Headband

Introduction: Crochet Headband

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This crochet headband will make your head and ears warm while keeping your bangs out of your face! For this pattern you will need to know half double crochet and the chain stitch. This headband is a great beginner pattern and will turn heads!!

Step 1: Materials

What you need:

Yarn (any color)
Crochet hook
Red yarn (to make the rose)

Step 2: Starting

Chain 35-50, depending on the size of your head. Join with slip stitch at the end.

Step 3: Half Double Crocheting

Half double crochet until the end of the row.
Repeat for 2 more rows.

Step 4: Finishing

Cut off yarn and weave in ends.

Ta-da! You now have your headband! If you do a few more rows you can turn it into a warm cowl.

If you want, you can add glamour to your headband by sewing on a crocheted rose!
See my Instructable on how to crochet a rose here:

Happy Crafting!

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