Crochet Pincushion

Introduction: Crochet Pincushion

This is a quick, easy pattern for a cute pincushion!

Step 1: Pattern

Row 1: Magic Ring 6 sc (6)
Row 2: inc around
Row 3: 1 sc, inc
Row 4: inc, 2 sc
Row 5: 3 sc, inc
Row 6: inc, 4 sc
Row 7: 5 sc, inc
Row 8: inc, 6 sc
Row 9: BLO sc around
Row 10-13: sc around

Switch colors

Row 14: BLO dec, BLO 6 sc
Row 15: 5 sc, dec
Row 16: dec, 4 sc
Row 17: 3 sc, dec
Row 18: dec, 2 sc
Row 19: dec 1 sc
Row 20: dec around

Step 2: Strap

Picture 1: Tuck the needle under a stitch on the side of the pincushion
Picture 2-3: Pull the yarn through the stitch
Picture 4: Knot the yarn
Picture 5: Make 15 chain stitches
Picture 6: Tuck the needle under the stitch next to the first stitch. Pull the yarn through the stitch and the loop on the needle.

That's it!

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