Introduction: Crochet R2 D2

here is an intermediate pattern for the droid R2 D2 from star wars.


medium weight yarn in blue, gray, black, and white.

Step 1: Crocheting the Body

1. with blue 6sc in magic ring, change to gray

2. 2sc in each st. (12)

3.sc1, sc2 in the next st. (18)

4-5. sc in each st around, change to blue.

6-7 sc in each st around, change to gray in each st change to white.

9-15. sc in each st around.

16. sc1, sc2tog. (12)

17. sc2tog, fasten off and stuff.

Step 2: Crochet the Legs

make 2

6sc in magic ring.

1sc in each st.(6)

1sc, 2sc in next st, repeat 1 more time.(9)

1sc in each st.(9)

1sc, sc2tog in next st, repeat 1 more time. (6)

stuff lightly.

make 1

6sc in magic ring.

1sc, 2sc in next st repeat one more time. (9)

1sc in each st around.

1sc, sc2tog repeat one more time (6)

don't stuff.

Step 3: Sewing Everything On

sew the 2 long legs on to the sides of the body at an angle, sew the short leg onto the front of the body. sew 3 lines on the front of the body, sew a gray bar beneath the blue lines sew along the edges with blue. cut a short length of black yarn and roll it into a circle, glue it to the front of the face halfway on the blue and halfway on the gray, outline it with blue.

I hope you have fun making this!

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