Introduction: Crochet Robot Hat

It's that time of year when crafters start thinking about what we are going to make for Holiday gifts.

I was looking at my grey yarn trying to think of something to make next. A robot hat seemed like the best option.

After a quick google search, and few quick sketches, I had a basic idea of what I wanted. I got started right away.

This is the process I went though and the final product I came up with.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Things you will need for this project:

-Worsted-weight Yarn! I used grey (for the robot), blue (for the eyes), white ( for the mouth). Feel free to make whatever color combo robot you like.

- Corresponding crochet hook ( along with a basic understanding of how to crochet)

-Yarn Needle


-Sewing Needle

-Thread (something that matches your robot color yarn)

-Measuring tape


Step 2: Get the Measurements and Do the Math

This hat has a flat top, so we need to figure out the diameter of the hat/ your head. To do this, you need to use your tape measure to measure around your head, this will give you the circumference. Now just take that number and divide it by Pi (3.14). Round that number to the nearest inch.

Example, my large head is 22 inches around.

so 22/3.14=7.00639 blah blah blah I just went with 7 inches.

The nice thing about yarn is it has some stretch to it. When in doubt round down. If it's still a little roomy, we'll be adding a lining at the end that will help keep the hat snug too.

Step 3: Starting That Hat!

Start off by making a loose slip knot. Single crochet stitch on the loop. I started with 10 stitches. Once you are done, pull the yarn sting to close the loop and bind off that row.

Step 4: Crocheting a Flat "circle"

For the to top your hat you want to keep it flat as possible. to do this you need to increase with every round.

First row: Work two stitches in each stitch all the way around and bind of the row.

Second row: Work two then one, work two then one. Bind off when you finish the row.

Third row: Work tow stitches, then work one two times. Bind off when you finish the row.

Fourth row: Work two stitches, then work one three times. Bind off the row when finished.

I bet by now you are catching on to the pattern. Just increase the number of single stitches by one each round you crochet. You will end up with a decagon-ish shape. Just keep going and increasing until you reach the diameter (largest point across of the circle) size you need. For me it was 7 inches. Once I reached the size i wanted I did one final row, single stitch all the way around.

Step 5: Hat Sides

To build the walls of the hat you are going to have to stitch into the sides of the the last row on the top of the hat, called a front post single crochet.

Think of it this way. each row or round is the top part of the stitched that makes the top of the row. The knots holding the row up are little post.

For this stitch you go between the holes on either side of the post and make a knot around the post. Do this all the way around. And around again, and again, and again, until it's long enough to be a hat.

I did 7 inched because i wanted to make sure there was enough room for the Robot face, but I could have gotten away with 5 or 6. As long as it covers your ear lobes, you probably won't be disappointed with how it fits.

Step 6: The Antenna

For the antenna, you need to go back to the top of your hat. Find the center point. count out three or four rows, and then front post stitch around that row. Crochet four rows up.

Then Back post stitch all the way around (it's the same idea as front post stitch, just through the other side, the inside of the circle).

On the next row in, you are going to skip every other stitch. decreasing until you only have about 5 stitched left.

keep stitching those 5 stitches up until the antenna is the height you want. then bind off all 5 stitches and tuck in the yarn tail.

Step 7: Robot Ears

To make the "ears" it sounds more complicated then it is. I promise. It's all the same steps we've already gone through, just on a smaller scale.

Start off by crocheting 6 stitches (or a couple more or less depending on the size you want) on to a loop and pull shut. Just like when you started the hat. The crochet two stitches in each stitch in the first row. Then single stitch all the way around the last row.

Now you are going to front post stitch all the way around. Then stitch up two more rows from that. It should look like a little yarn cup.

Next you have to post stitch on the outside of your last row. Or the outside "rim of your cup". Crochet one more row out.

You should have a little top hat looking thing. You are going to front post stitch on the bottom of the hat. Your "top hat" should now look like the hat Dionne wore in the movie Clueless. If you haven't seen that movie, I have pictures for that reason. haha. All you need to do is crochet one last row, and tie it off.

Oh yeah, and do it all over again, because you need two of these.

Step 8: Robot Eyes

Time for the eyes. This is the first time we need to change the color of the yarn. I chose blue.

Start off with 8 stitches in the loop.

Increase each round just like you did with the top of the hat in the very beginning. I added the picture with the pattern from that step as a guide.

Crochet and increase out 5 rows (more or less, depending on the size of your hat).

For that last row of single crochet stitches, you are going to switch off to your base robot color. Mine is grey.

To do this I bound off my last row of blue, pulled through my grey yarn like i was going on to the next row, but I pulled the blue yarn to make it tight and hold in the grey yarn. Tied the two yarns together, and continued on with the new color.

Once you have that single row of base color yarn you are going to front post stitch all the way around and crochet a row or two after that. This will give you the eye socket.

Now rinse. repeat.

I made the second eye a little smaller because I wanted my Robot a little goofy. I just did one less blue row.

Step 9: Robot Mouth

To start the mouth, fold you hat in half. Then a couple inches from the end you will start to crochet with you mouth color yarn. I used white. Try to count the stitches in, so you are the same amount in from both sides of the hat. You also want to try to make sure your mouth is an even number of stitches. This comes into play when you add the teeth. It doesn't have to be perfectly centered, but you don't want your mouth more then half way around the hat.

Mine worked out to be 22 stitches across.

Start stitching in only the back loop of the hat. The one towards the outside. You will be flipping this over and it will help make the bottom edge nicer.

You are going to want to stitch back and forth 4 rows. This will give you a white flap on the end of your hat.

Flip it upon the grey hat body. then use the tail of the white yarn to tie in the upper two corners of the mouth.

Now it's time to attach the mouth. you need to use some grey yarn to stitch.crochet it around the edge. I crochet it on as you can see in the pictures, but you could easily use a yarn needle to stitch it on if that's easier for you.

Congratulations, you've made a mouth!

Step 10: Robot Teeth

This is another part that is so easy it probably seems harder then it actually is.

Get a long piece of your base color yarn.

Fine the middle of that yarn and the middle of your robot mouth.

Loop the middle point of that yarn through the bottom middle point of the mouth. Pull the string ends through the middle loop of the yarn.

Now bring both yarn strings up through the middle point at the top of the mouth.

Split the yarn strings.

Take one string over about 4 stitches. Pull it though the top, tie it around the bottom, and back up through the top. That way you have a double string between each tooth.

continue this in both directions until you reach both ends of the mouth.

Step 11: Attach the Eyes and Ears

This part is super easy. Just line up your eyes and ears where you like them. Use some yarn and a yarn needle to stitch them on. Pull all loose ends in and tie on the inside of the hat.

Step 12: Add a Lining

If you wanted. You could skip this step. Making this hat has already taken up a lot of your time, and looks pretty nice as is... BUT we want it to look great!

So we add a lining. This will do three things:

1. Hide all the ugly stuff on the inside.

2. Keep your head extra toasty.

3. Helps keep it's fit and shape.

So take out your fleece and lay it out flat. Measure a rectangle the height of your hat, and the length will be the circumference of your head. Trace the top of your hat to get the top of the lining.

Cut them out.

Sew together the two short ends of the rectangle. It will make like a tube shape. It doesn't have to be pretty. a whip stitch or blanket stitch will work. You can even use a sewing machine, but that's up to you. It was easier for me to do it by hand.

Now sew on the top circle piece to one edge of the tube/rectangle piece you already sewed. Make sure all the seems are on the same side. It should look like a giant fabric cup or bowl when you are done.

Turn it inside out. So all the seems you sewed are facing in.

Line the edge of you lining up with the bottom edge of your hat. So both openings are facing each other and it resembles the shape of a giant pill.

Stitch the edge of you lining to the edge of the hat, just as you have it lined up.

When you are all finished, push the lining up onto the hat. The edge should fold over so there will be no ugly seems visible inside or out.

Congratulations. You just made your very own robot hat!

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