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Introduction: Crochet Sunburst Granny Square

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This is another way to do granny square, more original.

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Step 1:

You'll need:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet
  • Scissors


  • ch = chain;
  • dc = double crochet;
  • sl = slip stitch.

Step 2:

Start as usuale with 6 ch.

Step 3:

Close the ch in a ring with a sl.

Step 4:

Make 12 dc in the ring. Close wth a sl and cast off.

Step 5:

Change colour (if you want, but it's very advisable) and do 2 dc between every 2 dc of the previous round and 1 ch. In total you have to do 24 dc. Close with a sl.

Step 6:

Change colour. make 3 dc in every ch space of the previous round and 1 ch.

Step 7:

Make 36 dc total, close with a sl.

Step 8:

Now you could sew the circles a they are, but it's simpler to make a 4th round that will make the circle a square. Chage colour using the one that will be the border of all the squares.

Step 9:

In the ch spaces of the previous round make: *(3dc 2ch 3 dc) all in the same space; (1 ch 3 dc); (1 ch 3 dc)** Repeat from * to ** for 4 times. Cast off and hide the tails.

Step 10:

With all the colours you want, make as many squares as you need. Sewthem together in the way you prefer and use them as you like!

Here are two pillows I've made with sunburst granny squares.

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    5 years ago

    first time crocheting anything easy to understand instructions thanks.


    Reply 5 years ago


    6 years ago

    Love the pillows;especially the colors!Thanks for sharing!

    Oohh they are so pretty! I love granny squares, they're one of the first things I've ever crocheted : )


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I've done for me and my sister more or less 1000 classic granny square. I was tired of them, I needed to find a nice variation! Please vote, if you like!