Introduction: Crochet Utility Mini Basket

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Looking for something quick and useful to make? These handy crochet utility baskets are just the project for you!

These little crochet baskets are ideal for storing small things. Use them to store your jewelry, hair accessories ,sewing accessories....craft utility items...just about anything!!! Get creative and make them in different colors for your different things.

Materials Used:-

  • Bulky Yarn
  • 8 mm Crochet Hook


Step 1:

Round 1:-

Start with a magic circle.

Make 12 Double Crochet in the circle. Pull the loose end to close the gap.Make sure to pull it tight.

Start each round with a Standing Double Crochet or you can use the standard Chain 2 method.

Step 2:

Round 2:-

Make 2 Double Crochet in each stitch around.(24)

Slip stitch at end to join.

Step 3:

Round 3

*DC1, 2DC* in next stitch(36)Slip stitch at end to join.

Repeat from * to *.

Step 4:

Round 4

Start the round with chain 1.

This round we will be working only in the back loops. For working on back loops, instead of inserting your hook underneath the entire stitch, insert the hook in center of the stitch, and exit underneath the back loop.

Make back loop single crochet in all stitches around.

This would create the ridged edge and form the bottom edge of the basket.

Step 5:

Round 5

This round on wards, its just simple Double Crochet all around in continuous rounds.

Do not slip stitch and just keep making 1 Double Crochet in each stitch around till you reach the height you want your basket to be.

Step 6:

Once the desired height is reached end the round with a slip stitch.

Step 7:

And....Tada......!!!!! ...your basket is ready to store your utilities.

Step 8:

Or...simply twist the edge of the basket and use it as a Yarn Bowl..!!!!