Introduction: Crochet Box

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I like colours and I like crochet. I've done a lot of these boxes in various shapes.

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Step 1: Crochet a Round Box


  • crochet (I prefer to use a slight smaller crochet than the one I'd use for normal uses);
  • cotton yarn (or wool, but cotton is better);
  • box (plastic is better, but you can use cardboard; for this guide I've done myself the cardboard box);
  • glue.


  • sc = single crochet;
  • inc = increasing single crochet;
  • dec = decreasing single crochet;
  • sl = slip stitch;
  • R = round.

Step 2:

In a magic ring, crochet 6 sc. Work in rounds or spirals as you prefer.

Step 3:

R2: 6 inc (12). R3: *1 inc 1 sc** for 6 times. (18). R4: *1 inc 2sc** for 6 times (14). Go on increasing like this. Change colors when (and if) you want.

Step 4:

Crochet increasing rounds until the corners of the hexagon almost touch the border of the box. In this project, I stopped increasing when I had 96 sc (16*6 sc).

Step 5:

Work even.

Step 6:

You'll notice that while working even, the crochet piece will start to curve.

Step 7:

Go on crocheting even until the piece reaches the hem of the box.

Step 8:

The crocheted piece should be a little stretched over the box, not too much but enough to not to have creases.

Step 9:

Work 6 decreasing single stitches evenly in the round, i.e. if the last round has 96 sc, you work *14 sc 1 dec** 6 times.

Step 10:

Go on working even until you can fold the piece so it covers the inner border of the box.

Step 11:

Put in the box, sl and fasten off.

Step 12:

Now crochet another hexagon piece like the first one. It should cover the internal part of the box. You can also do this decreasing from the first piece, but given that you should work with the box in, this is a simpler method.

Step 13:

Iron the piece. You won't need to iron the first piece because it will be stretched out on the box.

Step 14:

Use some glue to secure the crochet to the box.

Step 15:

This is the cover of the box finished. Do the same steps for the base of the box.

Step 16:

The box is finished.

If you do this with a plastic box, it will be more resistant and waterproof too.

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