Introduction: Crocheted Sea Anemone

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One of the things I've been wanting to add to the beach sculpture I’ve been working on lately is sea anemones. How the heck do I make one of those?!!! Looking at examples online left me uninspired. They weren't the delicate looking, flowy sea creatures that I love! I started looking at photographs of them in tide pools and thought "I can make these out of that fuzzy yarn I've been trying to use up!" After my first failed attempts involving yarn wrapped pipe cleaners, I came up with this!

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Step 1: Supplies

Yarn!--I used one sturdy, anchoring acrylic yarn, and then 3 synthetic fake fur yarns
Crochet hook--I used size I-9 5.50mm because it worked well with the yarns I was using
Nail/stiff brush

Step 2: Make Your Anemone

Holding all the yarns together, make a slip knot and put it on the hook. Chain 2.

Round 1
Work 6 single crochets(sc) in the 2nd chain from the hook--6 sc

Round 2
Work 2 single crochets in each single crochet from the previous round--12 sc

Round 3
Decrease round:. Single crochet 2 stitches together 6 times--6 sc. Fasten off. Turn fuzzy side out.

Step 3: Finishing

Brush the anemone briskly with the brush to free most of the fuzzy ends. Hold the ends up and lightly trim them. Shake the anemone out and trim any errant ends. You don't want to trim too tightly and make a pompom. Lightly trim to get rid of the ends that are outside the circle. The anemone should be loose and flitty. Shake it out, stuff or work all the working ends of your yarns inside, and enjoy your little creation 😁

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