Introduction: Croque Monsieur

The Croque Monsieur...a fancy sandwich with a complicated name but a rather simple recipe.

This may not be a true french croque monsieur but it sure is tasty and relatively quick to make.

I will show you haw to make this fanciful sandwich with the most basic of ingredients, some pre-sliced Swiss cheese, sliced ham, and some white bread...but you could also get your own block of Swiss cheese for better cheese-thickness-control or a nice loaf of sourdough for a slightly fancier take.



  • Bread
  • Ham
  • Swiss
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Butter


  • Flat pan or griddle
  • Spatula or heat-safe tongues

Step 1: Heat and Egg Bath

  1. Heat your pan on low-medium heat, add about 1/2tbs. of butter and melt around the pan
  2. While your pan is heating, mix 2 eggs and a splash of milk (as if making scrambled eggs) in a container large enough to comfortably fit a piece of bread in. For more sandwiches scale up your egg bath, two eggs should make around 3 sandwiches.

Step 2: Sandwich Construction

  1. Assemble your sandwich. On a plate, stack your bread, cheese and ham in desired quantities. My sister likes one piece of ham, one piece of cheese; my dad prefers two pieces cheese, two pieces ham. However you like your ham to cheese ratio, make that sandwich.
  2. Holding both sides of sandwich, for best sandwich stability, dunk your entire sandwich in the egg bath. Egg bath likely won't cover entire sandwich, if this is the case flip the sandwich to ensure both bread sides are coated in egg.
  3. Gently shake any large gobs of egg off your sandwich.

Step 3: Cook It

  1. Carefully lay your sandwich on your hot pan, keeping the top piece of bread from sliding off.
  2. Let cook for a few minutes until bottom bread starts browning.
  3. Flip whole sandwich, I like a set of heat-safe tongues, but a flipper should also work.
  4. Continue cooking until both top and bottom of sandwich are golden brown.

Step 4: Extra Egg Bath

If you have extra egg bath after making your sandwiches, pour it all onto your pan and keep it moving for a side of scrambled eggs.

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