Introduction: Croquette

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I believe this is a French dish, even if is now so popular and common in Italy that it’s hard to say which country it belongs more.

It is a very easy recipe and can be a great finger food during parties or a starter during dinners with friends.

If you want to make it lighter, ’cause I know it’s Summer and we all want to look slender, you can bake’ em in your oven instead of frying’ em. They will still be good and delicious!

Ingredients (for about 8 big croquettes):

* 3 big potatoes
* 1 egg
* parcely
* 40 g of Parmesan cheese and pecorino cheese
* Salt, breadcrumb, 1 egg white
* 50 g of mozzarella (or if you don’t have any, like me, just use what kind of melting cheese you have at home. I had some cheddar)

Step 1: Step 1: Potatoes

Boil the potatoes till soft (stick a fork in them and if it goes in and out easily they are ready!)
Peel your potatoes then in a bowl mash them with a fork
Add the egg, cheese, chopped parcely and salt. Mix all the ingredients together

Step 2: Step 2: Shape It

Now take a bit of potato mixture and in the middle place a few pieces of mozzarella cheese (or whatever other kind of cheese you are using).
Close it and shape it like a …..

… a croquette of course!

Step 3: Step 3: Get Your Croquette Ready!

Put you croquette first in the white egg then in the breadcrumb
Place your croquette on a tray/plate and refrigerate for about 30 min.

Step 4: Step 4: Fry'em

Now heat some oil (olive oil please) and fry your croquette and medium heat. From one side
Then from the other side
And they are ready to go! Enjoy :)