Introduction: Crunch Sandwich

Hello! In this instructable I am going to demonstrate a delicious sandwich. I created this sandwich for people that enjoy different tastes in their meals that all complement each other to create an impactful and juicy taste. This sandwich requires some complex ingredients that you will find in your local supermarket and they are simple to work with. This sandwich can only be created if you have some spare time throughout the day because it does take some time to be done perfectly so that you can get the succulent flavor of it. Once you start scrolling through, I will provide you with the necessary ingredients, steps to follow and pictures so that you can create the exact same sandwich as myself. Good luck and hope you like it!


Two pieces of bread



Chicken breast or strips

Two eggs



Baby tomatoes


Buffalo Sauce

Salt (Whatever type is fine)



Step 1: Sauce

To create the sauce you will need to place two spoonful of mayonnaise into a little bowl. Then you will add double the amount of buffalo sauce in order to add the spice to the sandwich. If you don’t like spicy food then add only one spoonful of buffalo sauce into the bowl. Get a spoon and mix them together until you get a similar color to the one in the picture. Then, cut some fresh chives into little pieces to add that special crunch to the sauce and mix it in as well. Refrigerate your sauce until it is time to plate.

Step 2: Season the Chicken

Now, we are going to prepare our chicken breast. First, we are going to crack one egg into a bowl and mix it then let it rest. We crush our crackers in the blender until they are in tiny pieces and put them in a flat plate. Grab the chicken breast and place both sides inside the egg, once it is done then you place the breast in the crackers until the whole chicken is covered with crackers.

Step 3: Magic in the Bread

Let’s create the magical step with the bread. This will add a touch of flavor that will be explendid. You need to heat up the pan no oil required. Crack one egg into a bowl and put paprika in it and mix it. Then with a brush cover one side of the bread with the mix and stick a lot of cheese. Do this with both breads. Place that side in the pan and wait for it to create a little crust of cheese. Now that the first side is done, do the same process with the other side.

Step 4: Prepare Your Extra Ingredients

For the side ingredients you will need to cut 4 baby tomatoes in half, a little bit of avocado and wash some fresh arugula. Season everything with a pinch of salt and very little pepper.

Step 5: Chicken in the Pan

Now that everything else is done, turn your pan onto medium high heat and wait. Pour some olive oil into the pan and then insert your chicken breast. Make sure that it gets a golden color and that it is perfectly cooked inside. Once you have cooked it from both sides remove it from the pan and add buffalo sauce around the chicken to your liking.

Step 6: Build Your Crunch Sandwich!!!!!

It is really simple to build this magnificent sandwich. I’m sure it is going to be worth it. First, you get one side of the bread and place the buffalo chicken, then cover the chicken with your mayonnaise buffalo and chive sauce, add some salted avocados on top, fresh half baby tomatoes and fresh arugula on top. Then add the other side of the bread and you are done. Hope you liked your sandwich and enjoy!

Step 7:

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