Introduction: Crunchy Chicken Balls

These fried chicken balls are ideal for evening snacks or starters. The outer coating is crispy and crunchy and the balls will melt in the mouth. The chicken balls and the dip can be prepared and served hot immediately or served later by just heating them in microwave before serving. The coating retains its crunchiness for long.

Here are the ingredients we will require: 

For the balls:
Chicken pieces (from the legs and thighs preferably the ones with more flesh)
Salt & Sugar
Cumin Powder 
Coriander Powder
Ginger and garlic paste (or powder)
Soup Powder (Creamy Chicken soup powder or cream)
Grated onions
Baking Soda

For the coating:
Egg Yolk
Cornflakes(crushed with hands)

For the dip (optional)
Chicken soup or stock with shredded chicken pieces.
Coriander Powder
1 small green chilli 
Salt & Sugar
Fresh tomato puree
Grated Onions.
1 boiled potato
Corn flour and a little chicken soup powder

Step 1:

Add salt, Coriander powder, Cumin powder, pepper, ginger paste and garlic paste in the chicken pieces and marinate them. Boil the chicken in water.
Now we have to drain out the stock which will be later used to make the dip.
Debone the chicken pieces and collect the boneless chicken in a bowl. The flesh part has by now lost all its fats in the water, we can add a tablespoon of oil in it.

Step 2:

Now we have to make a thick paste for creating the balls.
We add the ingredients shown and tagged in the picture.
First mix all the dry items separately. Mix the pastes and milk separately. 
Add salt if required but i don't think we will.
Add the mixes in the chicken and mix them will.
We can use machine or mixer but i preferred the versatile hand and fingers for the job. The main thing is that no medium sized shreds of chicken should be  present and the dough must be consistent. It is shown in the second picture.

Step 3:

Now its time to make the balls and apply the coat.
Take a small lump of the dough in your hand and make small balls. Balls must be small in size else they may break while frying.
FIRST: dip the ball in egg yolk.
SECOND: roll the ball over the crushed cornflakes so that the cornflakes stick all over it.

Finally the balls are prepared (second pic) and its time to fry them.

For frying:
Prefer odourless and colorless refined oil for frying. This retains the texture and aroma of the fried balls. Fry the balls in the low flame. 
Since the chicken is already cooked we need to fry till there is a light brown texture visible (hardly 2-3 minutes).
Keep the fried balls in a bowl over a paper to soak excess oil (third pic).

Step 4:

For the dip:
The ingredients are shown and tagged in the picture (first picture).

Mash the boiled potatoes and add the dry powders in it. Add the puree, green chilli, and grated onions in the chicken stock . Now add some cornflour and soup powder in the mashed potato and mix it and finally add it to the stock. Cook in a pan for 2 minutes. Cool the dip and mix it in a mixer.
Now pour the dip in a bowl or plate.

Serve the chicken balls with the dip. The balls tastes better when it is served hot. We can heat the balls for a minute or two just before serving. (second and final picture)

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