Introduction: Crustacean Introduction

The following information is a single lesson in a larger Tinkercad project. Check out this and more projects on Tinkercad.

Project Overview:

Learn how to use advanced duplicate techniques to grow a unique crustacean shell.

Step 1: Introduction

Crustaceans have a hard shell on the outside of their body. The shells they wear have an organic, spiral structure seen in many places throughout nature. When they grow, they must shed their shell and look for a bigger one. Phil needs a home, lets design use repetitive shapes to design him a cool new one!

Step 2: Learn to Duplicate

To help us do this, let's learn about an advanced feature of the Duplicate Tool. The duplicate tool not only makes a copy of an object, but can remember how much you move, rotate, and/or scale the object. As long as the copy remains selected, any changes will automatically be applied to the next duplicate.

See an animation of this process.


  1. Drag a Cone shape onto the workplane.
  2. While the shape is selected, press the Duplicate button in the top left corner. This will create a second shape in the same location.
  3. While the shape is selected, move it up using the arrow-shaped handle above the shape.
  4. Noe move the shape sideways in any direction
  5. Use the top arrows to Rotate the shape 30 degrees.
  6. Now press the Duplicate button several times to see how each new shape moves and rotates to create a pattern.
  7. To try it again, delete all the shapes and start with step one. Try changing the location and rotation of your first duplicate to see the differences.
  8. When you are done, delate all your shapes and continue to the next set of steps.