Introduction: Crystal Light With Piezoelectricity | the Precious Light

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The Precious Light is actually an artwork created during my class of art and science last year. In fact, the piezoelectricity in rochelle salt crystal is not used, so any kind of crystals should be okay to replace the crystals using in my version. I still chose rochelle salt crystal for my project because of its color and transparency.

I want to write my first Instructable, so I share its making process.

Step 1: Refer to Existing Tutorials

After having an idea of using the piezoelectricity, learning from the existing projects or tutorials would be very useful. I simply refer to a few links as follows:

Step 2: Prepare Materials

Growing Crystals

  • Potassium Sodium Tartrate (Rochelle Salt)
    - As I was able to get potassium sodium tartrate from the class, I didn't use soda ash and cream of tartar to make the potassium sodium tartrate
  • Beaker x 1
  • (**not used anymore) Pot x 1
  • Wrapping Wire (black) x 1
  • Fishing Wire x 1
  • LEDs x 6 pcs
    - preferably white LEDs
  • Bottom Part of Plastic Bottles x 6
    - grow the crystal
  • Distilled Water
    - tutorials usually suggest to use distilled water in order to ensure the purity, but I didn't use it
  • Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue
  • Needle & Thread
    -for hanging the LEDs


  • Piezo Discs x 6 pcs
  • Soldering Iron

Making the Stand (any materials)

  • Wood Board x 1
  • Bamboo Sticks x 4

Step 3: Get the Seed Crystal

After making the crystal solution according to the reference tutorials, I poured the solution in one plastic bottle.

My Small Tips

  • cover the cup
  • don't be too shaky when you are holding it
  • put in the fridge
  • let it grow overnight

Step 4: [Optional] Take a Look at the Crystals

After the crystals finished growing, I put those on a little microscope to take make a record.

Step 5: Test All LEDs

Before getting the LEDs to be ready for growing the crystals, I put hot glue on the LED to hang the string on (and also split the negative and positive) for the crystal growing.

Step 6: Grow Crystal on LED

Refer to the "LED Crystal Procedure" instruction

  • Check the LEDs again
  • Tie the seed crystal with a long thread
  • Follow the photo instruction:
    1. Put hot glue on the LED
    2. Take the needle with the thread and a fish wire
    3. Get it through the hot glue
  • Tie the fish wire with the crystal on a stick
  • Put in the crystal solution
  • Cover the beaker with a lid or cover
  • Put in the fridge

Step 7: Solder the Piezo Disc

  • Solder the piezo discs with wrapping wire

Step 8: Wrap Wires on Crystal LEDs

Step 9: Prepare the Stand

  • 30 x 30 cm wood board x 3 pcs
  • 30 x 5 cm wood board x 4 pcs

[Refer to the illustration]

Drill 2 mm holes x 20 on only one 30x30cm wood board

I used my soldering iron to make the holes.

-- putting wires of LEDs -- dark blue
-- putting wires of piezo discs -- light blue
-- putting bamboo sticks -- orange

Step 10: Connect the Wires

Connect the wires of LEDs and Crystals in pairs according to the same numbers.

Step 11: Enjoy the Crystal Light

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