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Introduction: Reading LED Thumb

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As you may know, there are page holder / reading ring for people to read with one hand. I have never used it, so I want to have one which 1) functions similarly but allows me to 2) read in the dark before sleeping; it also needs to be 3) turned off when I fell asleep.

Step 1: Draft

I have done numbers of drafts and fails with 3d-printed prototype, and this is one of the drafts that works better.

Step 2: Modeling in Fusion 360

I used 3D printing to do the prototyping and got failed designs that didn't work well. So I only show the one which I have done in Fusion 360.

Step 3: 3D Printing

3D printed parts are consisted of the body for storing the button, battery and charger board. I use Micromake Delta Printer and Cura for printing and slicing.

Step 4: Components

Actually, there are just a few components; I used leftovers and reused old battery from a Samsung bluetooth hand-free.

List of Components
1) 03962A charger
- for charging battery and change 3.7v to 5v
- I bought this from Taobao
- TP4056 should be ok

2) 3.7v Battery (reuse)

3) LED Strips x 2 (3-4 LEDs each)

4) Wires

5) Button - I used Keyboard Key here

6) 3D Printed Body and Cover

Step 5: Connection

Sorry that I am not very familiar with Fritzing so I show the connection roughly.


Battery + - >>> 03962A charger + -

Charger OUT + >>> Button

Button >>> LED +

LED - >>> Charger OUT -

Step 6: Final Product

It can also work as a bookmark; as a further development, I will add a cover for the LEDs so as to diffuse the light for comfort.

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    3 years ago

    thats a really excellent idea, Just a couple of queries. How well lit is the top of the page, and what happens at the bottom of the page, it looks like the light would be blocking the last few lines of text