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As you may know, there are page holder / reading ring for people to read with one hand. I have never used it, so I want to have one which 1) functions similarly but allows me to 2) read in the dark before sleeping; it also needs to be 3) turned off when I fell asleep.

Step 1: Draft

I have done numbers of drafts and fails with 3d-printed prototype, and this is one of the drafts that works better.

Step 2: Modeling in Fusion 360

I used 3D printing to do the prototyping and got failed designs that didn't work well. So I only show the one which I have done in Fusion 360.

Step 3: 3D Printing

3D printed parts are consisted of the body for storing the button, battery and charger board. I use Micromake Delta Printer and Cura for printing and slicing.

Step 4: Components

Actually, there are just a few components; I used leftovers and reused old battery from a Samsung bluetooth hand-free.

List of Components
1) 03962A charger
- for charging battery and change 3.7v to 5v
- I bought this from Taobao
- TP4056 should be ok

2) 3.7v Battery (reuse)

3) LED Strips x 2 (3-4 LEDs each)

4) Wires

5) Button - I used Keyboard Key here

6) 3D Printed Body and Cover

Step 5: Connection

Sorry that I am not very familiar with Fritzing so I show the connection roughly.


Battery + - >>> 03962A charger + -

Charger OUT + >>> Button

Button >>> LED +

LED - >>> Charger OUT -

Step 6: Final Product

It can also work as a bookmark; as a further development, I will add a cover for the LEDs so as to diffuse the light for comfort.

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