Cup-holder Extender

Introduction: Cup-holder Extender

 My car has a cup-holder that is too shallow; things fall out of it all the time.

This instructable offers a way to improve how a car's cup-holder and a way to reuse coffee house style disposable cups.

Step 1: Get Stuff

 You'll need:
-a large disposable coffee cup
-a small disposable coffee cup
-disposable coffee cup sleeve
-glue of some sort
-heavy stuff

Step 2: Widen the Base

To help create a wider and thus more stable base, put the sleeve onto the large cup upside-down.
Flip both parts over (together) and try to get some glue into the space between the cup and sleeve.
Let dry.

Step 3: Base Ballast Bolts Become Bound Beneath Beverages

Ah, alliteration.

Toss some heavy stuff into the bottom of the bigger cup and cover it with a generous amount of glue. Let it dry.

Be sure not to overfill the big cup because you want the small cup to fit into it still.

If you use something other than washers and bolts for weight, be mindful of how you stick it in place.


 Once the glue over the bolts and washers (or other 'heavy stuff') has dried, drizzle glue all over the outside of the small cup and stick it into the big cup. Give it a twist to smear the glue around.

Step 5: Utilize

 Put it in your cup-holder.
I had to rip the sleeve a little to get it into my cup-holder, but it's a snug fit and does what it's meant to do.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea- and your base ballast is bloody brilliant (excuse my Aussie alliteration).

    I have a slightly different problem: my Hyundai has a pop-out, bracket-style cup holder, and I like to use a china mug- but the handle of the mug makes it sit in an angle.

    Your method gave me an idea- I used a disposable cup, and cut a slit down one side for the handle. Works a treat, and doesn't even need ballast.

    Thanks a heap - my mug is safe and secure; no more wobbly mug and sloppy coffee for me!


    I drive an older Honda CRV and the cup holders are useless! I'll try your idea. Looks good. Thanks for sharing