Introduction: Cupcakes!!!!

These are some easy cupcakes I made. They're really cute and I love decorating my room with them. Hope you enjoy this really easy project.

Step 1: What You Will Need

• A ruler •Scissors • A Gel pen, Permanent marker or Texta • 2 sorts of rapping paper ( or craft paper, normal paper and I think news paper) • Laminating sheets • Pencil • Rubber OPTIONAL: • Ribbons and decorations

Step 2: Tracing / Drawing

Look at the shape of a cup cake and try to draw a replica of the cupcake I have done on the wrapping paper. Draw this on both of the wrapping papers.

Step 3: Cut It Out

Cut out your cupcakes!

Step 4: Laminate!!!

Put your cupcakes with opposites going together ( so its not all one pattern / colour) and laminate.

Step 5: Cut It Out 2

Cut the unnecessary plastic off, then go show them off!!

Step 6: Your Done!!

Please make sure to leave a comment saying that you liked it or what I could work on to make you like it, THANKS!!!

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