Introduction: Curcuit Man/Woman, the Post-It Holder

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Have you ever tried to remember things but forgotten? Or have you tried to write things to remember on Post-It's, but couldn't even remember where you put the Post-It? Well here's your solution! Introducing CURCUIT MAN! Dun, dun, dun!!

(Sorry the picture is blurry) xD

Step 1: What You Need...

The only thing you need is a handheld,electronic 20-Questions game, and a small phillips screwdriver to take apart the game, and a 9-volt battery. Inside this toy you will find all the things you need to build...CURCUIT MAN!! Dun,dun,dun!!But anyways, the things you need inside the game are... (P.S-THERE'S A LOT OF WRITING BELOW, SO BEWARE!!)

.The "scroll" curcuit boards (they are labeled "scroll" in small letters). They are where the scroll buttons are on the side of the game.

.The main curcuit board, which has two red LED's on the back (you dont need the LED's, unless you want to modify...CURCUIT MAN!! Dun,dun,dun.)

.The screen that displays the words, questions, etc.

.The acrylic cushioning thing that is under the screen.

.The black base that has the screws in it.(it also has the spaker in it, if that helps you locate it.

.The screen casing, which is also black.

.Eleven screws, which you will get while unscrewing the game.

.The grey wires that are all glued together that are attached to the main curcuit board. (you will need to split them in half, so don't worry if you break them)

.(OPTIONAL) A thin piece of plastic to glue a Post-It to, that will say something like don't forget.I cut mine from a blister package.

.The curcuit board with a white oval on it with the letters "KS" in the oval.

.Something of your choice for eyes.


Step 2: Making the Head and Face

After that long step before this, I'm tired of typing, but oh well.

Using the main curcuit, there should be a black dot looking thing in the middle (make sure the board is right side up, with the teeth looking things on the bottom). this will be the nose, once you glue a screw to it. Then, Using the two scroll curcuit boards, glue these to each side of the head (the main curcuit board) to make ears. Thirdly, you can use your choice of eyes and glue them near the nose. Lastly, remember the grey you detached and split in half? Use those as eyebrows, angle them as much as you like to display choice of mood.

Step 3: Making the Arms, Body, and Fingers

Wow, I'm tired of typing

Using the black base, glue the round part of the base that had the speaker in it to the chin, to create the body. Then, glue the screen and screen cushion to the side of the body to make arms. The spot where you glue the arms is on the side of the body that looks sort-of like arms sockets. To make the fingers, you glue five screws to the end of the screen. Also, if you want a claw on the screen cushion arm, don't put any screws on the end. The screen cushion should already have a claw like part on the end.

Step 4: Add Note in the Center of the Body, the Legs, and Then You're Done!!

I can't feel my fingers anymore...

Using your thin plastic, cut a Post-It to fit the plastic and write a note on it (mine says " ARRGH!...DON'T FORGET!"). Then, glue the plastic so on the back of the body so you can see your note through the center hole of the body. For the legs use the 9-volt battery and the screen casing, and glue the both to the bottom of the body. For toes, glue 5 screws to the bottom of the 9-volt battery. Also, you don't need any toes on the screen casing leg.

VOILA! CURCUIT MAN!! Dun,dun,dun!!