Introduction: Curd Fritter

1)My first work on Instructable

Step 1: Ingredients

1)0,5 kg of cottage cheese

2) two eggs

3)Half a glass of sugar (100 g)

4)ten grams of vanila sugar

5) 75 g semolina

Step 2: Process

1)Mix all ingredients in deep bowl

2)Take a mixer and mix on first speed

Step 3: Forming Curd Fritter

1)Form curd fritter and dip in flour for a golden crust

2)Heat the pan for 1-2 minutes,pour a few of oil on it

3)Spread on a pan and fry on each side over medium heat for 4-5 minutes

Step 4: The Final Stage

1)Spread the finished curd fritter on a plate,take your favorite jam and enjoy!!!

Step 5: Deliciously

It`s worth cooking

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