Introduction: Curtains Junction Indicator (Affordance) - Office Black Opps Surviging Tip

What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who doesn't like looking stupid in the middle on an open space trying to open some curtains... Some literature suggests that "open offices" are productivity enhancers. First... it is very difficult to design a proper open office, second... almost everytimes, you loose in terms of productivity.
At some points, you see workarounds and surviving techniques developed by the workers, here are 2 examples:
- Everybody start using closed headspeakers to avoid behind disturbed by the ambiant noise. As a side effect, the instant messaging systems burn to get your co-worker attention. You can throw stuff on their desk too, it works well (I suggest packages of tissues). However you increase your level of missed calls if your phone is not directly visible.
- Bunkerisation of the desk: panels, carboards, whiteboards... are installed to cut the view to the circulation areas. Moving objects in the periphery of you vision trigger a basic reflex: looking at what is going on. Here, you'll have a hard time to focus on your task.

Some official bunkerisation looks like huge gray curtains (6m high). All gray. At the junction of two areas starts one funny problem: you can't find where it starts or end. You can't find the entry...

What is the mission?
- Finding my way to my co-worker desk.
- Making things sexy.

What do you need?
- 2 white board magnets and a stupid picture (Dilberts' ones are standard in corporate environment).
- a "pins", badge, button...
Basically... something visible and that you can hang, clip, fix to curtains.

Total cost of the project:
- Well... it is office supply-based. As all office supply, its destiny is to be stolen. So, steal the stuff on the desk of your line manager.

1 - Find out where start what. Locate the edge of the curtain.
2 - Put a magnet on one side of one curtain, put a second magnet on the other side and use a nice picture to make it more visible.

Solved: Now you can find your way very easily whatever is the state of the curtain wall... If you have more budget, think about making real working places... 

Gluonnement vôtre... I know, I changed your life today.