Custom Closet Organizer

Introduction: Custom Closet Organizer

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This project inserts customization to a vintage armoire. The main space was fit out with custom shelves. This project focuses on the wall mounted peg organizers for smaller items and accessories.


1/2" plywood

Laminate (Optional)

1/2" drill bits

1/2" dowels, cut to size

1/4" oak

Step 1: Making the Unit

I laminated a white piece of laminate to 1/2: plywood. It was then cut to size to fit the door of my armoire.

Step 2: Add Pegs/Dowels

I laid out 3 columns and 2 rows for 1/2" pegs to serve as the support for the different accessories I would make.

Step 3: Making the Watch Holder

After measuring a few of the watches I wear the most, I made a 3-watch unit that mounts to the pegs. The space for the watches was carved out of a 3/4" piece of oak.

Step 4: Making the Shelf

I wanted a platform that could hold misc items, but still hold them in place as the door swung open. I used drill bits and a router to recess the middle section of a 3/4" piece of oak by about 1/4". There was A LOT of hand sanding to get rid of burns and wavy sections.

Step 5: Making the Bin

I used 1/4" oak to make a small box for items. For the front, I cut two 6" pieces from an old wire hanger. This allows a better visual into what is being stored.

Step 6: Mounting the Unit

I used a keyhole bit for the router and lined it up with screws that were installed on the door. As long as everything lines up, the unit hangs smoothly.

Step 7: Place Accessories

The consistent spacing of the dowels allows for the holders to be placed anywhere on the door. The possibilities are endless and this system can be highly customized for whoever is using it.

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