Introduction: Custom Cupcake Bouquets Made Easy

If you've ever wanted to make a cupcake bouquet but it seemed too difficult or time consuming, then this Instructable is for you. I came across the same problem when I wanted to make several cupcake bouquets as table centerpieces for my daughter's birthday. I was able to pull it off quickly and easily after discovering a kit which I then customized to match her party decor. To begin your own custom cupcake bouquet, you'll need:
  • DecoPac Cupcake Bouquet Kit
  • Decorative/Scrapbooking Paper
  • 1" Ribbon
  • Tissue Paper
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Scotch Double Sided Tape
  • Cupcake Picks/Toppers
  • 6 Cupcakes

Begin by covering the cupcake bouquet pot with decorative paper. You can remove the wrapper that came on the pot and use it as a template. Next, decorate the rim of the pot with coordinating ribbon. Use the double sided tape to attach it. Then lift up the green dome (Fig. B) and place 2 sheets of matching tissue paper underneath allowing it to bunch up as you replace the dome. Accent with curling ribbon by taping pieces to the underside of the cupcake holders. Lastly, insert cupcakes and add toppers. These can be made to match any decor or for any occasion.

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