Introduction: Custom Image Laser Cut Wood Clock

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This clock can be easily customized with any picture (circular black and white images work best). Using a clock mechanism kit, you can make it a functional clock. It doesn't have to be simply laser cut, you could use black paint in the hatched areas of the clock to make the dark colors stand out, or use colorful paints to add further customization to your clock!

Step 1: Use a Picture to SVG Converter

You can use a picture to SVG converter to make any image laser cuttable. I used the converter, but there may be other options available.

When using the converter, use the 2 drop-down menus to select 'Strong' and 'Ready #3', as these options typically give the best results.

When done, click 'DOWNLOAD SVG' to download your converted image.

Step 2: Make a Few Simple Modifications to the SVG and Laser Cut Your Clock

We will need to make a large circle for the laser cutter to cut out our clock, and a smaller circle in the center for the clock mechanism to screw though. The size of the smaller hole will depend on what clock mechanism you choose to use. Set both of the circles to the 'cut' layer in the SVG editing software of your choice (I used Rhinoceros 3D), and set parts of the image to be 'hatched'.

Once you are done, export your design to a laser cutter and cut it out using a 1/4 inch thick sheet of wood.

Step 3: Assemble Your Clock

Once the laser cutter is finished, sand the surface of the clock to remove any extraneous burn marks, and smooth the areas where the laser cutter left any tabs.

Now you can assemble the clock mechanism.

Put the large block box on the back of the clock with the threaded part through the clock's smaller hole. The hole for hanging the clock should be at the 12 o'clock position.

The next steps may vary depending on your clock mechanism.

Slide the hour hand onto the clock mechanism, with the minute hand following. Add the small brass nut over the minute hand, and tighten it with both hands at the 12 o'clock position. If you chose to use the second hand, slide this over the small 'pin' in the center of the clock mechanism.

Use the small wheel on the back of the clock mechanism box to set the time of the clock, and insert a AA battery to complete your custom image laser cut clock!

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