Introduction: Custom Keyboard Skin

This is an easy custom keyboard skin I am entering in the musical instruments contest. So you want a keyboard that looks like a custom 1000 dollar keyboard but don't want to compromise features to get that keyboard or spend that much money? Here's an idea, a custom and easy skin with duct tape. It is made. With easy to find materials.

Step 1: Materials

1 knife Two or more rolls of duct tape (I ran out of cosmic but I also made a wallet with that) A keyboard OPTIONAL Sharpie or other permanent marker Stickers

Step 2: The Front

I named my keyboard Mr. Cuddlesworth III. Use your creativity for this part. Tape over the whole front but make sure you write which ports are which with sharpie

Step 3: The Speakers

This is the most complicated part. You stretch the duct tape and put strips to completely cover the speakers. Then you cut them through halfway of the speaker slits/holes and use the knife to flatten/stick it to both sides. Do it wherever there is speakers.

Step 4: Preset Buttons

The bottom buttons in particular. Ruptures the duct tape over it and cut through the slits between buttons and stick to the sides for the whole thing (like the speakers)

Step 5: Finish Off Taping

I skipped the voices part because it was too much to wirite. Tape the front, bottom sides, etc.

Step 6: Customize

The best part. Draw/put stickers all over or whatever else you can imagine

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