Introduction: Custom Magnets With 3d Printing!!!

This was inspired by 3d printing nerd on his YouTube channel when he made a magnet Joel bot. I though I could do the same thing as he but with a turtle instead. I used Octoprint and the spaghetti detective to pause the print so I could glue the magnet inside of the print.

Step 1: Finding and Printing a Model

I chose a model on Thingiverse (turtle). You should use a model that has some kind of a side that is flat so it can stay on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces easier. I then went to Cura and sliced the model with a .12 layer height and made it hollow. I then sent it to Octoprint and started printing the model. I printed it with a gold PLA from ttyy3d which is a shiny, cool looking filament. The printer I am using to print the model is the Ender 3 Pro which is around $200 and has amazing print quality.

Step 2: Adding the Magnet

When the model was taller then my small magnet I paused it using the spaghetti detective which is a plugin that you can get for octoprint. I added some super glue to the magnet and placed it inside the hollow model and then I resumed the print. It only took around 16 minutes to print the entire model and it turned out very nice and high detailed.

Step 3: Testing

I placed it on a magnet board that I had in my room to see if the tiny magnet could hold the model up on the board. It was able to hold the model up with ease, it was a small magnet put it was strong. It came from a CD drive that I took apart for a different project that I had created.

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