Custom Mural on Deerstand

Introduction: Custom Mural on Deerstand

This project was a gift for my stepdad. There wasn't any guidance online for this type of project specifically so I thought it would be helpful for someone here.

Step 1: Project Background

The first step for me was to find a scene I wanted to paint onto the deerstand.
I settled on a great buck standing in the grass during evening light in south Texas. The next step to getting started is to have a base color on the workspace. This step was completed since we were happy with the manufacturer's paint on their Fiberglass stand. I went with acrylic paint because I already had a lot of the paints I needed.
Finally, I cleaned the surface with a white cloth and some rubbing alcohol. This ensures the paint will stick better.
I layed out the artwork with a pencil and began painting the background of the mural which was grasses. Remember when mixing colors to make plenty of paint for a large scale project to avoid having to remix the same color when you run out.

Step 2: Seal and Protect

With the background layed out, I painted on the subject. To add more depth and to paint the subject into the painting, I added some accents and weeds etc over the subject at the end.
The final step is to protect your hard work with an acrylic non yellowing spray. This can be found at the arts and craft stores in different sheens. I went with matte. This size project for two coats took a little over 1 can. So, you've got the remainder of the 2nd can, might as well make it 3 coats and protect your work from UV fading and from moisture. I recommend recoating with the clear protective spray once a year or at most every 2 years.
You will definitely have a unique stand.

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    Holden Arches
    Holden Arches

    5 months ago

    I feel like this could be a bit dangerous given the right circumstances. Very nice work , I'm not saying anything negative regarding the work but, I dont wear a t-shirt with a target on it when I go to the range....


    6 years ago

    It is very nice, and very impressive but..... Just a thought, but what would happen if someone saw that beautiful buck and took a shot at it... I mean every year someone or somebody's dog gets shot by a impatient and unsafe hunter desperate for a kill, and I don't see how they get mistaken for deer, but you have put up a pretty good looking deer on there. Not criticizing, was just my thoughts


    6 years ago

    Great looking project.