Introduction: Diy Custom Painted Cruiser Skateboard

The materials that are needed are-
Painters tape
A ruler
Spray paint
Skateboard deck
Longboard trucks and wheels

Step 1: Tools

The only tools you need are a ratchet wrench and a corresponding sized bit.

Step 2: Design

Before you start you need to come up with some designs. I went threw about 9 before I decided on mine.

Step 3: Prep

After you have decided on a design you then need to use the painters tape to set up your design. I used the ruler to make sure the tape was the correct length at each end.

Step 4: Painting

After you have peeped your design on your board you need to paint. For this you need spray paint, tape and paper. One way you have painted one section you cover it with a pet to preserve the paint from getting other colors on it.

Step 5: Tape

Then once the paint has dried you then peel of the tape to reveal your paint job.

Step 6: Grip Tape

Now you need to put the grip tape on. First you take of the past then lay it on the board. Then use a file around the edge to make it easier to cut the use a knife to cut it off. Then trim any extra off.

Step 7: Bottom Design

You just need to repeat your paint and tape process for your design on the bottom of the board.

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