Custom Scrapers and Chisels From Car Valves

Introduction: Custom Scrapers and Chisels From Car Valves

Recycle used engine valves thrown out by local garage.

Step 1: Old Automotive Engine Valves

When engines are reconditioned the old valves are usually thrown out as having no use. They are made from very high grade steel and can easily be turned into custom chisels, scrapers, or scribes. The shape makes them easy to hold and if you have a grinder it takes 2 minutes to make a useful tool.

Step 2: Finished Product

Over the years I have made many different tools. These I have had for 30 years and they work well. You can use your imagination to create a custom tool.

After you grind it to shape use normal methods (wet stone, fine sandpaper etc.) to get a fine honed edge.

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    3 years ago on Step 2

    a fitter i once worked with lost an eye using a punch he made from a truck valve. the stem shattered from a normal blow with a hammer not trying to cause any harm here but be carefull would n,t like to see anyone hurt thanks. instuctables and youtube my kinda places .