Custom Steampunk Mutant Parasite Action Figure Set

Introduction: Custom Steampunk Mutant Parasite Action Figure Set

This is a hand-made custom action figure set  "a la steampunk apocalyptic style" made from the following materials:

1. A raw, common plastic action figure.
2. Nails. (many nails!)
3. an old cell battery
4. jewelry beads - coral beads
5. Two raw, smaller plastic action figures.
6. Plastic glue
7. White, gray and black spray paint.
8. Small springs.
9. Jewelry thread.

The action figure set is made of one big figure, and another 2 smaller ones.

The smaller ones act as "parasites" and can be attached to different places into the bigger figure.

The "parasites" attach to the figure by means of a nail and can be placed into different holes made to the bigger figure.

I added some kind of  "tendrils" that react to the movement of arms.
The tendrils mechanism work with jewelry threads that run into the chest of the bigger figure and pass through the different nails and joints along the figure, this way,  the springs contract or grow accordingly to the arms the very end of the "tendrils" I added a vivid red coral bead.
You can see at the pictures how the arms move and the tendrils change.

I think this is quite an unique mechanism for action figures, I still need to improve, but that's the idea.

Hope you like it :)

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I don't EXACTLY understand why this is 'Steampunk' It doesnt fall under the deffinition I hold... It looks a little too industrial in my mind... Cyberpunk maybe

    Do you have any better pictures because I would LOVE to see some of the fine detail in this as it looks good... I'm just astuck on your deffinition of steam punk


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yup, i agree. I always held steampunk to be victorian in style.