Introduction: Custom Pocket Screwdriver

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Never leave home without a knife, a beerbottle opener (could be a knife as well), a firestarter (well, you could use a knife also), a few feet of paracord and a screwdriver (I don't recommend to use a knife instead of that...).

Screwdrivers are great tools, and one day, out of the blue, I decided to customize one as a gift.

Al you need:
- some scrap wood
- an XL screw bit holder
- a lathe (or, in my case, no lathe)
- some glue & wood paste

Step 1: Holesawing

If you're the lucky owner of a lathe, go to step 3.

If you're like me: try to survive.

Pre-drill a piece of scrap wood in the center - I used olive, again.
Drill another hole beside the center hole, this will be your future bit holder.
Holesaw it from both sides - mounted on a pillar drill it works just fine.
Remove the wood from the zone the holesaw didn't reach.

Step 2: Rawshaping

Mount a bandsander upside down & rawshape the wooden tube.

Feel free to design it, as long as the result feels good in your hands.
Right, I chose the oldfashioned way - olivewood talks for it's own.

Step 3: Glueglue

Put some heavy duty glue in the center hole and insert the XL drill bit holder.

Why not a 'standard'sized bit holder?
Because the 'tail' goes simply not deep enough into the handle - your screwdriver will fall apart with the first hard-headed rusty screw...

Step 4: Fineshaping

Protect the bit holder with some tape and fix it in the pillar drill.

Highspeed, some sanding paper, a few minutes avoiding to put the handle on fire (friction fire!) and ready is that handle.

Use wood paste to hide the center hole in the handle, let it hard out and sand again.

Step 5: Finishing

Finish the wood with tung oil: smells great, and the result is just beautiful.

Put a small ball of 'drain sealant' in the bit holder. This stuff won't get hard and will get the screw bit solid enough in place - but not solid enough to get the bit prisoned forever. Just a slight smash upside own in the palm of your hand and free is that srew bit.
A small power magnet would do the job also.

Insert the bits and go out screwing some stuff.

Thanx for whatching!