Introduction: Customer Care IVR Using DTMF

Customer care center uses IVR(Interactive Voice Response) answering method through DTMF(Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency). Its simple to get the current details through voice just by pressing number on the mobile after calling. Its benefit for customer as well as benefit for provider, where its reduce the customer care support executives work. Major number of answers are feed in menus and narration through menus is done using Mobile keypad.

Here with Linkit one board and a small DTMF decoder board we able to make a IVR system.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Linkit one Board.

2) DTMF decoder Board.

3) Mobile head set with mike.

4) Microphone

5) PC with Speaker.

6) Visual basic program develop by us as per requirement.

7) Own soldered wire strip with male and female connector.

Step 2: Connection

1) At first insert the sim card in the back side of the Linkit one board.

2) Insert the mobile head phone with mike jack in the Linkit one board.

3) Now take the DTMF decoder board. The DTMF decoder board need a 5V input.

4) Connect the 5V and gnd from link it one board to DTMF board using wire.

5) Now DTMF signal want to give from Received call speaker to DTMF board. For that take 2 single stand wire with one side soldered to female connector and connect to the male connector of DTMF board.

6) Other side of the single stand wire is connected to the jack of the link it one board. Connect the DTMF wire to the Tip of the pin and GNd to the second one from the top. Its is the mike pins.

7) Now DTMF and Linkit one is connected. When program is uploaded u can able to see the DTMF leds switch on as per numbers press in mobile after calling.

8) Now we want to read the numbers from the DTMF to linkit one board. For that we have 5 Pins in the DTMF board. VT Pin and 4 Data Pin.

a) VT flash when new DTMF tome receive.

b) Data pins 4 is used to indicate the number pressed in Binary.

9) connect the female connector to the DTMF board and connect the opposite end male connector to Linkit one board where Data 1 to 4 connecte to 8,9,10,11 of the Digital pin and VT connected to Digital pin 12.

Step 3: Mike Setup

1) Use Double side tape paste the mike of the mobile headset to the few distance from the Speaker of the PC.

2) If use separate speaker put both in a wooden box with vents with few distance.

Step 4: Arduino Program

1) In Arduino program use LGSM to wait for the call and connect to the call if rings.

2) While the call is connected and the status is in talking.

3) Use the sub program dtmfdetect to detect the numbers press in the mobile phone.

4) When A signal high low receive from VT of the DTMF board. Then read the digital data from pins 8,9,10,11.

5) Convert that binary data to decimal. and send the read value to the PC through serial port.

6) Like wise when new call comes are existing call breaks send data to pc with character S and O.

7) Upload the program to the Arduino board.

8) Close the Arduino IDE.

Step 5: Visual Basic Program

1) I use Visual basic program because i am experience in Visual basic for 13 years. As per ur known language u code i narrate u the concept.

2) Use MS comm control to fetch read data from serial port.

3) connect to Linkit one serial port and wait for the data received.

4) Use tree view to list what are the menus and what are the sub menus.

5) So when call ring and connected, Linkit one send 'S' to the Program. When received 'S' the Intro mp3 is loaded and play.

6) Then as per key press the corresponding sub menu is play.

7) To play the same message again press 8.

8) To return to previous menu press 9.

9) If any number more than sub items press it play invalid selection mp3.

10) Last when the connection disconnect, Linit one send 'O' to the program. And the playing one stopped immediately.

11) As per the nodes name in the tree view create mp3 files and paste it in the application path.

12) Now all ready.

Step 6: Program Running

1) Connect the linkit one board to the usb port.

2) From the device manager find the Comport no.

3) Paste mp3 files with the names in the tree view.

4) Run the customer care exe file.

5) Type the comport number of linkit one in the text box.

6) Click customer care. the caption change to stop support and the text box disable.

7) Now dial the number from mobile phone to the sim in the Linkit one board.

8) when the call receive the application play the intro mp3 in the application folder which take to to other sub menus like press 1 to know voice, Press 2 to know Internet like wise.

9) The current playing file name is display in the caption of the button.

10) when hang the call the playing mp3 stopped immediately. Like wise when a button is press in the middle of one mp3 that mp3 file stops and play the next one called.

Step 7: Working Video

Here is the working video. Change the desktop program as per your requirement.

Future plan

Connect with database and using the dialed number find the balance and validity and tell when calling.

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