Introduction: Customizable Checker Board

In designing this checkerboard there were a multiple things I was trying to accomplish, and one of these was uniqueness. The checkers in this board can be swapped out so that people can use their favorite color or whatever color matches their room. Not only that, this board can also be CNC machined and used in a fancy or elegant setting.  

Another unique aspect of this set is the checker itself. When "kinged" you flip one checker on top of the other, and there is now a flat surface on top. A crown could be laser etched into the bottom of the checker so that when "kinged" it shows a crown.

The first step in designing this board was coming up with good dimensions. I wanted it to make a good centerpiece, but still remain traditional in size. To do this I made it 13" x 13". One challenge in designing this board was the corners. If it is going to be able to be CNC machined or 3D printed, the checker corner pieces need to be rounded to account for the drill bit on the mill. The rest of the board design was simply aimed at creating a classy look.

After completing the board and checker inserts, the checker itself had to be designed. I aimed for uniqueness and a wavy surface that could fit together nicely if one is "kinged". :)  
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