Introduction: Customizable Laser Maze With Arduino and Android App

See lot of maze from kids books to automatic maze solving robot. Here i try some thing differently where solve a maze using laser reflection. When at start i think its very easy but do it in cheap it cost more time for accuracy. If any one want to try use 3D printer to make mirror holder, because that one take lot and lot of time. Before start see the next slide about laser caution. But as per experts my laser cant cause any damage.

Step 1: Laser Details

Class 2(II) laser is considered safe. I cant able to find diode in class 2(II). But I found laser pointing device available very cheap in the market with class 2(II) in the sticker. So i use it in my project .Even though it shows not harmful i don't allow my child to play with this. This game for my family adults because they only able to solve it by correct the reflection.

Step 2: Materials Required

Materials Required

For Maze

1) Thermocol Sheet

2) Cardboard.

3) Corrugated box

4) Round Mirrors (used for Cloth embroidery).

For Circuit

1) Arduino Uno.

2) HC05 bluetooth module 1No.

3) LDR 1No.

4) 10K resistor 1No.

5) Plain PCB - 1No.

6) Male header and Female header pins.

Step 3: Make a Shield for Arduino

As like all other projects i develop a shield for this project also.

Connection Details

1) For Bluetooth module 4 wires

a) Arduino 5V to Vcc

b) Arduino Gnd to Gnd

c) Arduino D2 to Tx.

d) Arduino D3 to Rx.

2) For Laser Diode laser plus from D12 and Arduino Gnd to laser minus.

3) For LDR use the A0 pin. Solder like the above picture. Use long wire for Laser and LDR.

Step 4: Android App Using MIT App Inventor

I use MIT app inventor online to develop the Arduino app. The requirement of App is want to connect to the Arduino bluetooth. Ask for player name, enter the name and click play to start the game. Once click start timer in the app start running. once the laser reached the LDR then calculate the time taken with previous score, if the seconds is less than previous then you the winner.While timer running, to stop the Android screen from auto lock i use notification in every frequency of time.

Step 5: Arduino Program

Arduino program is very simple. Create a software serial for pin D2, D3. When android told to start the game. Laser switch on by set the D12 pin high. Check the LDR reading in the Pin A0. If the LDR reading is less than 500 then game is under progress. If the laser focus on LDR then the reading greater then 500. At that time Switch off the laser by set D12 pin low, and send game over signal to android.

Step 6: Make Maze Base

1) I found a corrugated box 18" X 18" X 3" dimension.

2) Cut a thermocol sheet with same dimenion 18" X 18". It's fits prefetly in the box.

3) Divide the Thermocole in to 18 rows in to 18 columns (At first plan for 1" size maze due to very small space change to 2" X 2").

4) Now cut each 2" X 2" pieces seperatly. Use sharp craft knife and cut must be straight. If hot wire cutter them its easy to cut.

5) Paste each pieces seperately on the base of the corrguated box (using Fevicol to paste).

6) Let it dry. After dry insert a 1 feet scale in the gap between each pieces. The scale stand straight.

Step 7: Make Walls

1) Walls are very easy one. We divide the Maze in to 2" X 2" and the height of the box is 3". Se we take a strip of card board with 3" inch. Mark every 2" in the strip and draw lines as dark, so the board hold easily in this Place.

Step 8: Design Your Maze

1) Download a Maze (8 X 8) from online.

2) As per Maze cut 2",4",6" etc wall pieces and Place it in the gap of the thermocol and press the carboard between the thermocol. Now the walls stand straight.

3) Like wise complete the drawing fully.

Step 9: Make Stand for Laser

This is also one of the hard work and time taken Work. Because laser beam must be straight. Make a triangle with corrugated board and take few corrugated board pieces. Insert the pieces below the laser cell on front and back. Adjust the height. Measure the height of the laser beam by put the scale near and far away. Make it both equal. Now hot glue the whole piece in side.

Step 10: Circuit Enclosure and Mobile Stand

1) As like Laser make a stand for LDR. But it don't want such accuracy, but center of the laser beam is the center of the diode. Then hot glue it also.

2) Use corrugated box for make mobile stand.

3) Keep all the circuit setup inside a box and connect a 9V battery. Now all are ready to fit in the maze.

Final step is to make a reflector the heart of the project.

Step 11: Make Reflector

1) On seeing this it look very easy but its very time consuming and difficult. If this one works only then only full puzzle work.

2) Take corrugated box strips. cut the size for 9cm X 3cm by mark the lines.

3) Make a triangle of sides 3" with that piece and join the top portion.

4) Now the time start check the triangle stand straight on all sides in the floor. If no make changes or change the pieces to correct it. Paste the round mirror piece on the top side of the center triangle. As per my cutting the mirror center is the lase beam center. I make 21 Pieces it take very long time to complete.

Step 12: Laser Reflections Test

Now check the reflection by on the laser and check the reflection on each wall. It works fine. In the center of the maze i found the box it lift up so i paste a hard sheet on the base and found all parts reflection is fine.

Step 13: Time to Play

Let me teach how to play

1) Design the Maze as per your requirement. Cover it with cloth and put the reflection mirror stands on a box.

2) Put mobile with the app in the front.

3) Click Pick bluetooth and select the arduino bluetooth.

4) Now next screen appear ask the name of the player.

5) Enter the player name and click start game. Now timer start run in the app.

6) Remove the cloth over the maze. By use the laser from source player redirect the laser beam to the Ldr using the mirror.

7) First put the first mirror and it redirect the light to 90 degree, laser dot falls on the opposite wall make it center in the opposite wall by rotate the mirror stand. Now put the mirror in that spot and did the same.

8) Like wise if the laser reach the LDR than the Laser switch off and in the arduino app if the player timer is less than the previous record then his name and score is recorded and display in all screens.

Lot more to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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