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Introduction: Customizable Wooden Toy

About: I am a hobist with lots of hobies from carpentry to mechanics. There is hardly any thing that i am not interested in.

I was trying to make something that can be a great play thing for people of all ages. So I designed a basic desktop toy.

Step 1: Design

I wanted the toy to be a standee on anybody's desk. Also to incorporate something which can be useful. So designed this shape. The hands can be used to hold wires such as charger and headphones. The shape in itself should look cute. Also added a stand or pedestal like thing. Used wood to make this so that people can shape it easily to their option by sanding or filing or air-drying clay.

Step 2: Cutting

Used a 16mm MDF wood for the body. Stuck the cutout to it and scroll sawed to get a beautiful output.

Step 3: Cutting Base

Used a 8mm MDF board to cutout the base as no designing will be required on it. The legs of the toy fits as expected in the grooves cut in the base.

Step 4: Finally

So here is the output. I designed a basic conceptual drawing how to make something on the toy and design it.

Made 6 of these and distributed to kids and artist friends to try their hand out. Will upload the outputs when they come back.

Update: Our first design came in with more templates. Pencil design on white paint.

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