Introduction: Customizable Reusable Dry Erase Road Tip Bingo

This is an instructable to show you how to make a customizable reusable bingo set for the kids. for less than 10 bucks.

this bingo makes it so that every kid has different board and that way they can call out what the see so that everyone knows that they are playing legitimately.   and they mark what they see with a dry erase marker

Step 1: Supplies

first you will need...
Foam board  20"x30"
glue stick
exacto / box cutter
printer and paper
laminate either press together or machine
Excel Program
tape measurer
dry erase markers

Step 2: Making the Game Boards

first you need to make the game boards.  take your foam board and measure out sections that are 8x8 inches.   then cut out all of the sections. (2 per game board)

Step 3: Strips on the Board

take some of the left over foam and cut out strips at 1/4" long.  glue a strip along the bottom and one across the edge to create one side.  measure out a 1.25" section and glue a strip down.  then do it again and again till you have 5 sections.  then trim off the extra of the board. 

Step 4: Top of the Board

next take another 8x8" square and measure out 1/4" from the bottom and mark it and 1/4" from the each side and mark it.   then measure a section 1.25" then another 1/4" and keep repeating till you have 5 1.25" sections. then cut out all of the bigger section rectangles.    glue the just cut part to the part with the strips glued to it. you should have 5 holes in the top for your bingo sheets,  if need be use  your cutter to to trim some of the areas more to size.  and then sand around the edges to make it smooth with some sand paper or a tool (I used a dremel)

Step 5: Making the Bingo Sheets

Open up excel and type up either 50 or 100 different objects you would see while on a road trip (city signs, semi, farm, horse, ect.)
sort them by difficulty to see from 1 to 5 then put them vertically in groups of 5 one of each difficulty randomly.

(I have attached my excel sheet with 50 for your use)

make each little grid thing 1 1/4"  tall by 1" wide and then have an empty grid between each one that's 1/4"  (see picture for example)

go into clip art and find a picture for every object that you thought of and paste them into you document,  then line up each one into it's own grid and center them.

after that run a test print and cut the strips to see if they fit (there should be a little room left in each gap) so that you can make sure that they line up correctly in your game.   you can print it on card stock for a little more durability. .  then use a self adhesive laminate (unless you have a machine) and laminate each strip separately and cut the laminate just around the strip.

now go on a road trip and have fun!!!

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