Introduction: Customized Chocolate Egg Surprise

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A little video how to tutorial on replacing the chocolate egg surprise with something of your own. Takes no more than 15 minutes and is sure to confuse and surprise the receiver. Give it a try!


  • Chocolate Kinder Eggs
  • x-acto blade
  • a hot iron
  • paper towels
  • small gift
  • pencil and paper (to write a sweet note)

Step 1: Take Off the Wrapper

Taking off the wrapper is the most time consuming part of this tutorial. The foil has been folded in twice. Best this to do is unfold the first pleat carefully withe your blade all the way around once. After the first bend is out, then start on the second pleat. The foil will probably be stuck in some areas, so be very careful when taking the sides apart. You want the foil to be in a almost perfect state!

Step 2: Open Your Egg

Grip the egg with your paper towel. Warm fingers leave prints on chocolate. With your nifty blade you are going to slowly pierce along the seam. Afterthough: It would probably work even better if you warmed the blade! Pierce along several places, and it should slowly open up.

Step 3: Replace the Surprise

This one is easy. Use your imagination. Add a sweet little note!

Step 4: Reseal the Egg

Plug in your iron (not on the steam setting). Hold one half of the chocolate again close to the iron for about 15 seconds. Then simply put the halves back together. There will be some melted chocolate to wipe away. Let the egg sit and re-solidify for a few minutes.

Step 5: Wrap That Baby Up Again

Put the egg back in the foil. Straighten out the foil edges so they are ready to be folded. Then fold once all the way around before the second fold. Using the side of your blade, smooth the sides down so that it sits flat against the egg. Voila! You're ready to surprise someone!!!!

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