Introduction: Customized Starbucks Travel Mug

Every now and then (neh, EVERY DAY) I use travel mugs to carry my work fuel around. Today when I purchased my regular amount of ground coffee at Starbucks I noticed that they have a decorate-yourself travel mug. It's core is clear and detachable,  and came with a Sharpie-like felt pen to scribble in the inner part of the mug. But since I'm a geek (and I'm very proud of it), I decided to personalize the mug with one of my favorites anime series of all: The first season of Dragon Ball (you know, when Goku was nice and childish).


Starbucks (name, logo and products) are a trademark of Starbucks Coffee Company. 

Step 1: Materials

All the materias you'll need to pull this off are:

- A Starbucks' "Create Your Own" Travel Mug (or any mug that can be decorated from the inside)
- An old manga book or magazine of your personal liking. Tis is going to be semi-destroyed, so do not use any limited release issue.
- Scissors, cutter, double-sided tape
- A blank sheet of paper for modeling.

Step 2: Dissasembly and Measuring

First, dissasemble the core of the mug to expose the inner part of it. You are going to do all the measures on this inner part.
You can do it the "algebraic" way (measuring and all), or do it the "hefty" way (with a cutout pattern).

I will go with the hefty way, it's faster.

Use the blank sheet of paper to cover the inner part of the mug. Cut and adjust to make a tight and symmetrical fit.

You will end with a cutout template of the inner, visible part of the mug. save it.

Step 3: Select the Inner Design and Cut to Match the Cutout Template

Now, shuffle around the comic books to find the pages you are going to use in the mug.

Be creative. do a collage style, or a cartoon vignette style, or randomize the design. it's entirely up to you.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Now, glue the collage to the inner part of the mug with double-sided tape.

If you want, you can do a paper-mache treatment to the design. Mix half a cup of white wood glue with half a cup of warm water. Mix it and brush it to the paper. Leave it overnight.

I just used double-sided tape. again, it's up to you.

Step 5: DONE!!

And there you have it.

Assembly the mug tight. And use it with geek pride.

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