Introduction: Cut and Fold Face Shield

Hello Guys! It is not so often

that I’ve post anything, but I just want to share to all of you a design of mine that might help us in our fight for the Covid19 pandemic. I call it, CUT AND FOLD FACE SHIELD. It is a printable template that you can use in order to make yourself a disposable face shield. The intention of the CUT AND FOLD FACE SHIELD is to provide for an economical and disposable face wear that can be printed and assembled using a single piece of paper.

Help me share this idea so we can help each other fight this pandemic especially the poor who does not have nothing at all to protect themselves. The CUT AND FOLD FACE SHIELD can be made with just a lowly cardboard. Below are the links for the template and directions for the CUT AND FOLD FACE SHIELD. If you would like to use my work, feel free to do so and please SHARE it so it will be accessible to everyone, after all I have created this especially for people who always on the go and more importantly for the poor. Hope you will like it, keep safe and God bless everyone!






Site link:

Step 1: What You'll Need


you’ll need:

1. Glue*

2. Carboard*

2. Printing paper, preferably 220-300 gsm

*Optional only (You can also use any coupon bond paper but you will need to paste the cut-out into a thicker paper like cardboard/ thick/glossy paper bag/ folder/ shoebox or any paper sturdy yet flexible enough to fold)

3. Scissors

Step 2: Printing

I. Print the Cut and Fold Face Shield, which can be downloaded here:

! IF your printed copy has a margin, DO NOT CUT THE MARGIN. I tried my best to fit
the cut-out without the margin but I have not resolve it yet. Don’t worry, just follow the directions and enjoy.

If the link does not work, don't worry I provide a 1:1 ratio of the template which you can see on the files on the intro page:)

Step 3: Cut and Fold

Cut along the solid/Dark/Bold lines and fold along the broken/dotted lines. Also, if your printer have margin, DO NOT CUT ALONG THE MARGIN and cut it as it is following the Solid/Dark/Bold lines.

Step 4: Assembly (Part 1)

For the Face shield

a. Join 1 and 2. Make sure you cut the Solid/Dark/Bold lines found on both the flaps which will serve as the slit.

b. Push the two slit together and make sure that the slit on 2, is thoroughly push down against the slit on 1. Make sure that they are lock together nicely. See Figure 1.1.

c. Repeat the process for 3, instead of using 2, you will now use the slit on the 3.

Step 5: Assembly(Part 2)

For the face shield holder

a. Make sure you cut along the two (2) Solid/Dark/Bold lines on the face mask holder as you will need both of them.

b. Push one slit on the face shield holder on the slit found on between the upper 4 and 5. Make sure that they are lock together nicely. See figure 1.2.

c. Repeat the process for the other face shield holder, instead of using the slit found between the upper 4 and 5, use the slit found on between the upper 6 and 7.

d. Push the slit together found on each end of the face shield holder. Try to fit to your size prior to attaching to the slits on each end of the face shield holder. Make sure that they are lock together nicely. See figure 1.3.

Step 6: Finish Product!

It’s finished! see Figure 1.4 on the third page for the picture of the finish product of CUT AND FOLD FACE SHIELD.

You can now use your Cut and Fold Face shield to fight Covid19. Make sure to always wear a mask whenever you go outside.

Disclaimer: This face shield is for single use only, and it is not recommended as substitute for PPE(Personal Protective Equipments). Dispose it with care immediately after use.