Cut Off Your DSL Using a Fone Flasher!

Introduction: Cut Off Your DSL Using a Fone Flasher!

A very simple instrucatble.

All you need is a DSL connection (wont work with dialup or cable from what I know) and this thing you can get at Radio Shack called the Fone Flasher. Basically you just plug it into a lamp and when a call comes it makes the lamp flash on and off. I got one for $1.50 at the clearance section.

Step 1: How To...

Just plug the jack into to a phone line anywhere in the house ,(You don't even have to plug it in to the power) and the dsl will be cut off. It happens because it doesn't have a dsl filter on it so it interferes with the connection and cuts it off. And best of all, all the cords to the modem are still attached so your siblings can't figure out why its not working! Have fun with it!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    While this is fairly effective, it will not work in a situation where all lines are filtered at the NID ( like My setup)

                DSL Filter==Phones
    NID -<
                DSL Modem

    an effective way to cause a DSL dropout in this setup is to either, unplug and replug a phone line in the house about 5 times, or, using WIRED phone, use pulse dialing and just dial random numbers, just be careful to not dial 911. the best way is to dial your own number with the area code, and you will always get an error.

    Personal Rant(ignore this): &nbsp;s are a pain.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, I had to read it a second time. So if the DSL is plugged in you can plug this in anywhere in the house and it will block it?

    Computer Maker 101
    Computer Maker 101

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    As long as they are on the same line which, chances are, is true, then yes. It will block the DSL.