Introduction: Cute Animal-themed Corner Bookmarks With Free Printables

These are a set of animal-themed corner bookmarks which comes with free printable PDFs. The design includes a Octupus, Squid, Chick, and Bunny Rabbits

Step 1: Print the Printables

Print the printables. I've attached the one for the chick. You can find the bunny rabbit printable on my other instructable:

Step 2: Cut a Square

I'm sue most of you already know how to make a square from any rectangular paper. But if you don't all you have to do is to fold a triangle and cut off the excess overhang.

Keep it folded since we will use this fold/crease for the next step.

Do not throw out the excess construction paper, this can be used for making the tentacles.

Step 3: Fold Down Triangle

Fold down one layer of the top most tip of the triangle onto the centre point of the bottom crease. By folding the top down perfectly horizontally, you will also get to the centre point.

If you find it difficult to get it centred make another crease lengthwise and the point of intersection is the centre point.

Step 4: Crease the Sides

We wil make a temporary crease in this step that is necessary to make folding easier later on. Tape each of the side corners and fold them inward to the centre point of the paper.

This results in an envelope-looking fold. Now unfold it again, like mentioned before it is only a temporary fold,

Step 5: Fold Sides to Top

Fold the sides corners to meet with the top corner of the paper triangle. Then using the crease we made in the previous step as a guide, fold it down into the pockets.

You now have the general shape of a corner-style bookmark.

Step 6: Cut Tentacles / Accessories.

Using the small piece of leftover paper we had before when we trimmed the rectangle into a square piece of paper, we will cut out the tentacles of the Octopus.

Fold the paper in half and make a wavy cut with a pair of scissors. Once done, cut it in half to make 2 tentacles. Repeat until you have 8.

If you chose the chick design, this is also the step where you cut out the printables.

Step 7: Decorate and Enjoy!

Glue the accessories onto the corner bookmark and draw the details. For the Octopus, draw in some googly eyes and add some suction cups to the tentacles.

Now enjoy with a nice book!

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