Introduction: Cute Paper Quilled Bear❤️

Hey guys,

Making this cute paper quilled bear is a lot of fun. This is a bit time consuming, but the outcome is worth! These lovely bears can enhance the beauty of your showcase. This bear can also be a perfect handmade gift for your friends...

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Small Black Beads - 2 pcs.
Lavender coloured 10 mm paper strips - 21 pcs.
Pink coloured 3mm paper strips - 2 or 3 pcs.
White coloured 3mm paper strips - 3 pcs.

Step 1: Making the Cuts in Paper Strips ✂️

Take a lavender coloured 10 mm paper strip and fold it in 4 equal parts as shown in picture.
Then, make cuts upto half the breadth of the strip.
Unfold the strip.
Repeat this for the other 17 lavender coloured 10 mm paper strips.

Step 2: Making Stomach, Legs, Head and Hands of the Bear 🐻

Connect 5 half - cut paper strips with each other with the help of the glue and then quill them up into a big coil.
Then spread the cut ends in the outward side. (It will look like a flower)
Then, take 2 half- cut paper strips and join them together with the help of the glue and quill them into a coil. Then spread the cut ends in the outward side as done earlier in the bigger coil .
Make another such coil by joining 2 half - cut strips and press it in such a manner that it becomes oval in shape. Also, spread the cut ends in outward side.
Now, take the 3 plain(non-cut) lavender coloured 10 mm strips and cut them in half from between with the help of the scissors.
(On cutting these 3 strips, we get total 6 strips.)
Now, make cuts in them too.
Join 3 strips to each other with the help of glue and make a coil. Press this coil to make oval shape as we did earlier.
Now, make the same shapes again of same size with the remaining strips.

Now we have:
Bigger coils (for stomach)—2 pcs.
Smaller coils(for face)—2 pcs.
Oval shaped coils of 10 mm paper strips (for legs)—2 pcs.
Oval shaped coils made of the 3 stripes {made of strips which we got by cutting the 10mm strips from between} (for hands) —2 pcs.

Step 3: Making the Ears👂

Take 1.5 white coloured 3mm strips and 1 pink coloured 3mm paper strip.
Connect them together with glue to make long strip.
Quill this long strip into tight coil with the white strip inside and the pink one on the outside.
Press it a bit on the one side to make the coil a bit flat.
Make another such same tight coil and also flatten it from one side.

Step 4: Assembling of Paper Quilled Bear 😀

Now, take those bigger coils and glue them together on their flat sides.
Do it same with the smaller coils.
Now, stick the smaller coils on the bigger ones and let them dry.
Also stick the legs and the hands with the help of the glue as shown in the picture.
Add the ears too...
Stick both black beads carefully in the smaller coil of front side (the face) as shown in picture. These are the pretty eyes of the cute bear!!
Quill a very small coil of ¼th 3mm pink coloured strip and stick it in the middle of the face. Yes, it's the nose!!
You can also add a bow!
The Cute Paper Quilled Bear is ready!

Step 5: More Variations! 😊

You can also try making these paper quilling bears with different colours and different sizes!

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