Introduction: Cute Preemie Valentines Day Hat

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So my family and I a lot of times donate to the pregnancy care center. Whether it's baby food, formula, clothes, or diapers. Anything we have leftover to help and support their ministry. So I decide about a year ago to make preemie Valentine day hats to donate there every Valentines day. To support them and give the babies a Valentines present. So I'm going to show you how to make a preemie Valentine hat. I want to challenge you to make an extra hat when doing this and donate that hat to a friend or a family member who is having or just had a baby. And with that hat send a note that says, Happy Valentines Day.


  • What you need:
    • - small 24 peg loom
    • -a loom pick and needle
    • -red yarn
    • -pom-pom(optional)
    • -crochet hook
    • scissors

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies!!!

Supplies! AHHHHH so what I learned is to never go on with any project without having your supplies ready. So before you start on your project have your supplies right next to you ready to go. Because you'll never know when you will need something.

Step 2: Starting the Hat

So to get starting on your hat you need your loom and your yarn.

  1. First, you need to make a slip knot and place it on the small peg sticking out of the side of the loom. (if you don't know how to make a slip knot a regular knot will work as well, just don't make it too tight
  2. After you have made the slip knot and placed it around the peg. Grab your yarn and hold it between the two pegs surrounding the small peg.
  3. Take your yarn and wrap it clockwise around the peg on the right.
  4. then wrap it around the peg next to it clockwise again.
  5. do this until you come to the first peg you have wrapped.
  6. this Wrap is called the Ewrap

Step 3: Making the Stitch

  1. After you have completed the base Ewrap stitch, it's time to move on to the second.
  2. push all of the base stitches down.
  3. And continue doing the ewrap stitch on the loom making two stitches on each peg.
  4. after you have made it back to the first peg where you started. get your loom pick and on the first peg grab that bottom loop and bring it over top the peg and then drop the loop.
  5. continue with the pick and bring all the bottom loops on each peg over. and stop once you have made it back to the first peg.

Step 4: Making the Cuff

  1. After you have done all the stitches. push down the stitches. you should have one stitch on each peg.
  2. ewrap another row around the loom and bring those stitches over the peg with the pick.
  3. push down those stitches and REPEAT it until you have 12 rows of stitches on your loom.
  4. after you have done about three rows of stitches on your loom remove the slip knot. then get back on with your twelve rows of stitches
  5. After you have finished all twelve of your rows push the stitches down on the loom
  6. then pick the first rows of stitches from your hat and put those loops on each of the pegs.
  7. then use your pick to bring the bottom stitches over again until you get to the first peg.

Step 5: Making the Actual Hat

  1. push down the stitches on the pegs
  2. do 10 rows of the ewrap stitch
  3. then once you finish those do not push the stitches down

Step 6: Finishing the Hat

  1. Once you have finished the 10 row
  2. take your yarn and wrap it twice around the whole entire loom than cut
  3. thread your needle with the yarn
  4. and then take your needle under each loop on each peg
  5. on each peg take the stitch off after you put the needle through each one
  6. the remove the loom and pull the string gently to close the top of the hat about halfway there put the string through the hole in the top and turn the hat inside out and finish closing the hat
  7. then thread your needle with the yarn and use it you sow up the closed-hole so it will stay closed
  8. then cut the yarn and turn your hat inside out
  9. and then you got a finished hat
  10. if you want you can take your crochet hook and crochet the string from the bottom of the hat into the hat or you can you just cut it
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