Introduction: Cute Rainbow Loom Necklace Pendant

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Now I'm going to show you how to make a cool necklace pendant for outings with your friends or something. I would like to wear it with a cool, super short silver chain or single bracelet chain. CUTE!!!

The things you will need are simple rainbow loom tools...a loom, a loom hook, and an assortment of your choice bands. No c, s, or o clip will be needed. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Starting the Bracelet

For starters, make a single bracelet chain. If you don't know how then find another instructable and come back, but if you know the basics you should know how to make a single bracelet chain. When you take it off, don't secure it with a c, s, or o clip. Instead, pull the ends through the end is the only way to sum it up. The pictures make it a little clearer.

Step 2: Exending Your Chain

After you take your chain off and know it, then you need to extend it. You should know how, but I'll run you through it anyway. Take the chain and twist it like so. Put it on your fingers or the side of your loom. Then add a band to your fingers and loom. Take the bottom band and pull it up and over on both sides.

Step 3: Tying the Knots and FINISHING

After the chain gets long enough (mine was abt 1 or 2 feet long) then you are ready to finish up. Tie five double knots loosely about 1 inch apart on the does not have to be perfect. Now, if there is a lot of space between your knots, add some more loose, double knots until you have almost no space between the knots. Now, you have finished! As you can see, my kitty thinks this is the coolest thing since cat treats!!!!! SWEET!