Introduction: Double Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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First, we need the supplies for the bracelet.

You'll need the following:

A loom, a looming hook, a bunch of bands, and a c, s, or o clip.

Step 1: Putting the Bands on the Loom

Take two loom bands, and put them together on the same peg in the middle of your loom. Do that all the way across the middle pegs on your loom

Step 2: Making the Bracelet

Turn your loom around, then take your hook and do the same thing you do with the single bracelet. If you do not know how to do the single bracelet, learn from another instructable or learn from the pictures.

Step 3: Taking the Bracelet Off the Loom

When you reach the end of the loom, take a single band and loop it through and tie a knot I'm sure you know is you have been looming for a while. Look at the pictures for further info. Then take the bracelet off the loom

Step 4: Adding More Bracelet to the Bracelet

So the bracelet will probably be too small to fit your wrist. Take the end of the bracelet and twist it like so. Put them on the side of the loom. Then take two bands and put them over the bracelet on the loom. Then take your hook and pull the two bottom bands over the top. Repeat until the bracelet is a good length

Step 5: Finishing the Bracelet

Take off the bracelet and repeat the process of looping a single band through the ends. Secure with a c, s, or o clip...and you have your bracelet! If there's a big hole in the middle due to the extension, you can glue a bead there... or you can leave it as a false decoration like I do. Alright! You have your bracelet!