Introduction: Cute Teddy Fridge Chalk Board

My little maker girl, makergirluk, keeps complaining that her Dad wasn't married. So we got married and the teddy chalk board was a wedding gift for our daughter, which she loved. Like all busy families, sometimes we are a bit like ships passing in the night. I made this magnetic teddy chalkboard so that we can always leave messages for one another - anything from reminders that we love each other to mundane reminders about appointments and shopping lists.

Because it is magnetic, it is detachable, and because it is a chalkboard, it is erasable. Hazel loves it and the rest of us like it a lot too!

Step 1: Setup Laser Job and Cut

I used a simple free clip art teddy as the basis for my artwork. After importing it to LaserCut and scaling it to size, I set some detail to cut at lower power so that the detail would just be engraved, rather than cut through. I then cut it on the laser, using 3mm birch laser ply.

Step 2: Glue Magnets to Back

Once the laser had finished, I removed my teddy blank from the excess ply and glued magnets to the back with a hot glue gun. Because the kids will potentially use and play with it, I opted for ferrous magnets that, while not as strong, are safer than neodymium (rare earth) magnets.

Step 3: Paint Bear With Blackboard Paint and Admire Finished Product

I then painted the bear all over with chalkboard paint and allowed to dry. Once done, the magnet was finished and ready to grace the door of our fridge! Hazel loves it, and now we all write silly messages to each other, all the time :-)