Introduction: Cutie Plants : )

Hello everyone. Here is a simple project that anyone can enjoy. This is a cute craft to hold your plants and looks like a little buddy for inside the house or even outside in the garden. I made it on Tinkercad instead of adding my own personal photos. I hope this helps to give a 3D view of the project, and helps you understand how to create it yourself. This project is very fun and family friendly. Feel free to even let the kids join in! I'm sure that this cute plant project will be unique every time it's made, because everyone can add their own style. Lets get you set up with some supplies needed to create your new friend. Okay cutie pants, lets make our Cutie Plants! :)



* 1 Large Flower Pot

* 1 Medium Flower Pot

* 4 Tiny Flower Pots Of Equal Sizes

* Outdoor Paints (Your Choice Of Color(s))

* Paint Brushes

* Some Ribbon Or Rope (Any color will work)

* Your Choice Of Plant To Fit The Medium Flower Pot

*Sharpie Paint Marker/ Pen (optional)

*Clear Tape Or Hot Glue(With Adult Supervision)

Step 1: Step 1: Lets Begin

First, take the large flower pot (should be the biggest one of all) and place it upside down on a flat surface to where the opening isn't seen. (As pictured above)

Step 2: Step 2: Body Paint

You're buddy will need some clothes to wear. For this example, I gave them a simple blue button up shirt. Use you're outdoor paint and brush on any design, and do your own style of clothing. You could do a dress, a shirt and pants combo, a swim suit, overalls. Anything you can imagine. You can be as fancy or as simple as you like here. Get creative!

Step 3: Step 3: Put Your Face On!

With the medium pot (which will be the head of our buddy), sitting right side up, paint and draw on a cute face to show your buddies personality. Happy, excited, worried, cool. Basically any emoji expression. You can be as fancy or simple as you want to be here too. For this example I kept mine simple with a happy face. :) (Keep in mind: My face on my pot looks like it's popping off because it's 3D, when you paint and draw yours on, it will be flat on your pot.)

Step 4: Step 4: Getting Limbs Ready

While your face and clothing pots are drying, it's time to get the arm and leg sections ready. (If you choose too. You can paint on a shoe design for the two pots that you will be using as the feet. I chose to leave them bare, but you can add your own style if you like.) With the 4 tiny pots, you should see a small hole on the bottom of each one. Take your string, yarn, rope, or ribbon (use what you like), and thread it through each hole on the bottom of the pots. If the material is thicker you should be able to tie a knot in it so that the end of it won't come all the way through the hole. With the less thinker material, you can use tape or hot glue to attach the end of it to the inside of the pot, through the hole (As pictured). Cut the other end of the rope to about how long you'd like your arms and legs to be (remember to add a little extra length so you can still attach them later and it won't be shorter than you want). Even though there is only one pot shown in the picture, remember to do this step for all 4 tiny pots.

Step 5: Step 5: Assembly Time

Okay everyone. This is where it all starts coming together. Your buddy will be done in no time now. After all the paint dries on all the pots, its time to start to make your new buddy. First we will do the legs. I think it would look best if you have a table, stairs, or just a flat surface, for the large pot to sit up on, but the floor works well too. Take the 2 pots for the legs and put the opposite end of the rope (that isn't already inside the tiny pots) and sit it on the surface. You will be sitting the large pot on top of those ends to hold them in place. Remember the large pot should be placed upside down.

Step 6: Step 6: Assembly Time Continued

Next, take the ends of the opposite sides of the ropes (the part that isn't inside the pots) on the last two pots, and place them on the top (which is technically the bottom) of the large pot. One on each side. These will be the arms and hands to your buddy. You can place a piece of tape on them to hold them in place before the final step! If you look at what you have made so far, tell me, what's missing on your buddy?... Right the head.

Step 7: Step 7: Last Touch

Last but not least, place the medium pot with the face on top of the large pot that has the arms on top. This pot will hold the arms in place. Line everything up and fix your new buddy just how you like and your done. Finally add your plant in the medium pot and it looks like your buddy has some hair. Now Your new friend is complete and as cute as ever! I would love to see how creative you guys can be. Add your pictures! Have fun everyone. :)

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